Friday 19 June 2015

Transformation in Sound and Movement - Children's Workshop 26th June 2015

Avid for Ovid, Artists in Residence at the East Oxford Community Classics Centre, have been invited to host a children’s workshop for the MCS Arts Festival 2015.  See below for further details...

Malcolm Atkins and Ségolène Tarte demonstrating 

Date: Friday 26th June
Time: 16.00 – 17.30
Tickets: £2 (8-11 years)
Venue: Cheney School
You can book for this workshop here
and via the Facebook event page here

Avid for Ovid’s music and dance workshop looks at Ancient Roman Pantomime techniques for telling stories without words.  This workshop takes as themes the character Proteus and the idea of transformation.  Following a general sound and movement warm-up we introduce the character and his transformation into different creatures explaining the idea of the Roman pantomime performer and some of the skills needed to play many different roles.   Through guided tasks the children will then explore ways to portray different characters and creatures through posture, gesture and movement; and natural world environments and elements (e.g. thunder, rain, fire, river, stone, tree…) in sound using their voices and bodies.  In small groups children work as teams of musicians and dancers to make short studies involving characters/creatures and environments either from the text or of their choice, and the transformation between them.  The workshop will finish by sharing these short studies.
The workshop will be led by Malcolm Atkins and Susie Crow.

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